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Day 3

GOogle analytics & Search Console Challenge

Woop we made it to day 3!


We are focusing solely on Google Analytics today.  We are going to review the behavior flow through your website and find the pages that need some extra love!

Today's Challenge:

1. Analyze your own traffic flow

2. Find ONE page (you can do more if you would like of course) that needs attention

3. Review that page on your website and create an action plan of how you are going to optimize it to make it "stickier" to keep people on your website longer.

Here are a few examples of how you can optimize a webpage:

  • Add a call to action or make it more visible

  • Add a video

  • Make sure it's free from grammar and spelling errors

  • Make sure the information looks digestible (does it need more headlines? smaller paragraphs? Bulleted lists?)

​4. Once you decide on what actions you need to take, it's time to IMPLEMENT!


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