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Episode 8:  Ethical AI Technology
Featuring Angie Ruff, CEO of CoPack Solutions


"WE don't want to stop innovation on the basis of fear. We want to fuel innovation on the basis of opportunity, and what it can do for our society. " - Calvin Yadav

In this episode, your host, Genesis Amaris Kemp, talks with Calvin Yadav of Irex, who uses AI to create a technological and safe future for our communities.

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ABOUT Angie Ruff

Angie has 20+years of Food Manufacturing Operations Management work experience and Process Manufacturing.

CoPack Solutions is a full-service brokerage firm for Food Service & Retail Food Industry, our focus is on making your company successful. CoPack wants to be your partner. Whether you need just one service or want complete turnkey private label food product, CoPack has the expertise to do it and do it well.

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Show notes + LINKs

Our interview was so enlightening and valuable as we discussed things like:

  • How IREX uses AI to make the world a better and safer place

  • What IREX is doing to rise to the top as an AI company 

  • How Calvin attracts and retains clients 

  • How YOU can take steps to start your business

...and so much more!


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