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1:1 VIP days for more concentrated focus, action, & creation so you can launch & create momentum quickly!

get it done in a day!!  Accomplish what typically takes a few weeks in just a few hours!

Our 1:1 VIP days are perfect for the business owner who wants to create business transformation and results in 1 highly focused and intentional day.




This is for you if:

You need a solid marketing plan that's going to get you to your next level income but don't know where to begin and don't have time to sift through all the details of making it happen.

The Framework:

1. Spirit: hone in on brand essence, goals, & vision

2. Observation: gain a full understanding of your ideal client, the marketing and your current metrics.

3. Ultimate Ideation: We review steps 1 and 2 to develop the 3 truths that will drive your core brand message and marketing content... in a way that feels aligned with your business and in a way that magnetizes your dreamiest clients to you.

4. Launch Plan: This is where the actual marketing plan and calendar is created, & it's the bulk of the day.

Leave with a:


  • Detailed marketing plan for the entire year.

  • A marketing calendar that fits your lifestyle, brand, and goals

  • Marketing messaging.

  • A next-step priority list so your team can hit the ground running.


Get Your Blog SEO-Updated in 1 Day

This is for you if:

You have a business blog and you're ready for it to finally get found online and drive qualified traffic to your website on autopilot.​

The Framework:

1. Audit: Understand your current performance & foundation of blog.

2. Restructure: Optimize the structure and keyword mapping of your blog and posts.

3. Implement: Apply SEO best practices to your pages to gain ultimate visibility.

4. Plan: Determine blog content plan and ongoing SEO enhancements.

Leave with a:


  • Updated blog that is fully equipped with SEO optimizations so it will actually rank on Google!

  • Comprehensive blog content idea list

  • SEO plan moving forward - Your priority checklist

  • Access to all my SEO courses so you & your team always have the best practices at your finger tips as you move forward with your blog.


A Year's-Worth of Content in 1 Day

This is for you if:

You are ​desiring to become more visible online in order to increase your authority, credibility, and thought leadership... and you want it done quicky!

The Framework:

1. Strategize: Determine your high-level messaging plan for the entire year based on your goals & current marketing plan!

2. Schedule: Detail out your 365 daily content ideas.

3. Repurpose: Craft your repurposing workflow and SOP to ensure maximum visibility and brand awareness.

Leave with a:


  • Content strategy that fits your personality/lifestyle, brand, and goals

  • Content repurposing plan

  • Content calendar - based on your marketing marketing plan and keyword research for maximum visibility & effectiveness

  • Content ideas, unique to your expertise, for every single day of the year (these are NOT cookie cutter ideas like personal introductions & basic b*tch quotes)



My VIP days include high-level strategy development, personal & realtime feedback, thorough business auditing, & the support and implementation you need to ensure you can hit the ground running & start creating business  growth immediately!

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