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Episode 20: Practical Beauty
Featuring  Christalyne Causey, Founder and CEO of Bare Aesthetics Skincare & Nutrition

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"If you're a service based industry I highly recommend referral benefits because it allows you to touch base with people who may not find you on google or social media. People are going to go to who their friends recommend"   -Christalyne Causey

In this episode our host, Genesis Amaris Kemp talks with Christalyne Causey of Bare Aesthetics Skincare & Nutrition, where Christalyne dares you to go bare and rock the skin you're in. An endocrinologist and esthetician, Christalyne focuses on bringing out your true beauty.

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ABOUT Christalyne Causey

Christalyne Causey is an extremely educated science fanatic with a penchant for skincare and beauty. With 12 years experience in healthcare and nearly 10 in what she fondly refers to as “The Vanity Industry” she has set herself apart as both an aesthetician and nutritionist through her dedication to science, quality services and her no-nonsense and sometimes tough-love approach to skincare and nutrition. Specializing in acne and corrective skincare, Christalyne believes in customizing every treatment to the individual. With advanced trainings in Microneedling, Medical Grade Chemical Peels, Oncology Skincare, Fibroblast Skin Tightening, BB Shine Nanoneedling, Hyaluron Pen, she has built her business on creating packages that address each client's exact needs.

Christalyne founded Bare Aesthetics in 2018 after her sister passed away from cancer. She has dedicated her business in helping her clients reach their aesthetics needs through a holistic approach that includes diet, lifestyle and quality, non-toxic medical grade products.  She believes that beauty comes from the inside out and achieving results without sacrificing the health of the individual. Each of her treatments have been specially crafted and products hand selected to ensure the best quality.  Most of all, Bare's motto is "Simplified beauty". Giving you the confidence to rock the skin you're in." Because confidence is the most beautiful thing you could wear.

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Show notes + LINKs

Our interview was so enlightening and valuable as we discussed things like:

  • How Christalyne turned her passion into a product

  • The business decision that made all the difference 

  • Why you should take that leap of faith

  • How to be an employer others want to work for

...and so much more!


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