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Basic SEO Tips For FAST Results in 2020

If you’ve been digging around and researching SEO, you know that EVERYONE says that SEO takes time, and it will be months before you start seeing movement. While that can be true, especially in regards to website rank, I’m here to tell you that there are optimizations you can make NOW that will get you IMMEDIATE results. AND, these are basic SEO tips that you can start taking today!

Broken links are no bueno, for Google or, more importantly, your visitors. If a visitor goes to a broken page on your website they are more than likely going to leave… and not come back…Ever. Fixing these links will instantly drive up your conversion rates, time spent on your website, and pages viewed. If you give your visitors a quality experience they will be more likely to buy from you!

To find broken links on your website, go to

Once you figure out what broken links you have and where they are coming from, try to fix them directly at the source if possible. If you can’t do that, create a 301 redirect for each broken link. If you are using WordPress, you can download a plugin such as Redirection. If you are at another website builder, do your research on specifically how to do it… Most website building/host sites make it super easy. Here are some links to instructions on how to create 301 redirects for a few of the most popular website builders.


You do this through formatting your copy content. Again… USER EXPERIENCE peeps! Nobody wants to land on a website that looks like an honors thesis. A nice-looking website does wonders for instantly increasing your website’s “stickiness”, which will most definitely lead to more conversions.

  • Make sure your paragraphs are short

  • Use headers to break up the paragraphs and stand out from the body paragraphs

  • Whenever possible, create bulleted lists! Bullets are easier to read and are more digestible than writing your lists out in paragraph form.

This again is all about website stickiness (that means how long people stay on your website for). If you have a video on your website that people are watching and engaged with… or a gallery that people are flipping through…that signals to the search engines that people are loving your website and that your website has some great content that people want to see… and you will start going up in the ranks. But more quickly, you will see much more sales come through.

Did you know that video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%? I mean, if that doesn’t get you to add a video to your website, I’m not sure what will.

This is a very important factor for Google’s ranking system, and they made that very clear in 2018. And I TOTALLY GET IT!

How annoying is it to wait for a slow website to give you the info that you want? I mean, It’s 2019 after all – the age of instant gratification. Give your people what they want, and give it to them quickly. Over 50% of people throw up those peace signs and BOUNCE if your website takes longer than just 3 seconds to load. How crazy is that? By having a quicker website, you could be doubling the people who come to you website, AND doubling your profits.

Learn more about how to increase your website’s speed in my previous blog post about Google’s PageSpeed Insights test.

You need to especially do this if you are a local business!

Once you input all of the requested information, Google will start to show you in the maps portion of the organics listings, which is always at the top! Not only will this give you a nice backlink, which helps SEO, but it will also drive a ton more traffic to your website and get more eyes on your company! This is a must!!

NOTE: The more complete your profile is the more likely you will rank at the top, so fill out everything you can and upload several images and a video too!

ALRIGHT -- So that is your homework over the next two weeks! Start implementing these ASAP and watch your conversions increase!

Looking for even MORE action items? Check out my FREE SEO CHECKLIST! It lists out a ton more tasks you can check off the list that will help your website SOAR to the top of Google!

Want help with your SEO? I got you! I offer SEO audits, training, and done-for-you services -- You can check those all out here.

What else have you tried that has given you some quick SEO wins?

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