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Build Brand Authority and Become The Go-To in Your Industry.

Do you aspire to be the go-to authority in your field? The one people first call when they have a problem that relates to what you offer?

Becoming an industry leader takes time and dedication. But it is within reach of any talented professional in any sector of business. And it's a goal that can be reached without spending exorbitant amounts of cash on advertising, which studies show to make us less happy and are often ineffective.

So, what's the magic formula? How can you build brand authority?

It does take some talent, but it's not magic.

Providing content that's innovative, unique, and useful can get you noticed and on your way to becoming a thought leader. Most notably, millennial buyers want better content from B2B marketers.

It seems obvious that now and in the future, content should be the focus of plans for building brands, sales, as well as bottom lines. Read on to find out how you can build brand authority through content and connection, and what it takes to create content that helps you become an effective industry leader.

how to build brand authority

Nowadays with our phones at our fingertips, it's much simpler to do online research to discover the best product for their purposes.

If you want to show up where and when people need you the most, start writing content that solves your ideal customers' problems now. It has long been established that the most successful inventions on the market are those that were designed to solve a problem many people were experiencing... the same concept can be applied to the content you are developing. Content development marketing agencies use this wisdom to plan content campaigns that offer assistance rather than simply touting the perks of a company's products.

Today's savvy business owners and consumers welcome sincere interest in the problems they face. They want to purchase from companies they trust to have their best interests in mind. Empathy and support win sales these days. Viewing a situation from the perspective of a prospective purchaser fosters a relationship as well as gains a loyal customer.

The Power of Publishing Content That's Helpful

Publishing great content is vital for easy and effective growth:

  • Useful content that helps solve problems leads to conversions.

  • Innovative posts get referenced, gaining your site inbound links and shares giving your site an SEO boost.

  • Sharing information in ways that credit your site is a valued means of publicity for your brand. As an author of insightful articles and posts, you and your business will earn widespread respect.

Content is truly king in value-based marketing, and pushing value rather than sales ALWAYS creates more sales in the end. Plus, content helps your brand become well known without flooding the world with ads.

office meeting about how to build authority

Featuring a blog on your website that is SEO-optimized gives you the ability to show up for the people who truly need your offerings, message, or advice in real time.

You can kickstart your content and website's SEO by starting with this free and easy checklist.

Articles on topics relevant to your field, whether timely or evergreen, help attract organic traffic to your website and build your brand. People need answers to immediate questions and problems. Providing valuable content on your site that gives them those answers gains trust and loyalty for your business.

Not sure how to provide the best content for building brand authority? A digital SEO and Content firm can offer skilled content development services to help you produce optimized blog posts that will bring you respect as a leader in your field.

Your content must stand out so offer a unique viewpoint! Here are just a few questions to ask yourself, to jumpstart your brainstorm, when crafting your content.

  • Is there something you believe to be true that's not widely known or popularized?

  • Do you have killer client results you can share?

  • Did you solve a client's problem in a unique way?

  • What's your story?

  • What's you or your company's mission and purpose?

  • What annoys you about your industry?

People are bored with"the usual" so spicing things up will help you get noticed and also help your content get more shares, likes, comments, and saves!

Publishing and posting content in credible spaces aligns your brand and let's it calibrate to these high-authority places... Basically, show up in credible spaces and it will help you and your company be seen as a credible resource.

  • Want to be a go-to for people looking to purchase your offerings right now? Get yourself to the top of Google with SEO.

  • Want to become an authority in your field? Craft content for trade publications or specialty online spaces.

  • Go to where your most ideal clients are and show up frequently and impactfully.

The more people see you, the more they will know, like, and trust you. The best way to do this is to repurpose your content for other sites so people say, "Wow, I see them everywhere, they must be for real." Repeated exposure cultivates credibility. As people become familiar with your brand and style they begin to trust you.

Not sure where to start with this?

If you already have a ton of stock-piled content that you've published, make sure you sign up for our FREE content repurposing masterclass and workbook. This will take you through the exact steps to repurposing.

If you're just getting started on your journey, make sure to check out our post on the most effective and simplest way to repurpose your content. We want you to be everywhere but we don't want you killing yourself in the process.

Here's a sneak peek at our own repurposing flow here at Rising Ranks:

Know what you want to be known for and stay laser focused by staying on target with the theme of your posts and content. Constantly ask yourself, "does this align with who I want to become?" Remember, every action you take creates your brand and how other people see you... and if you're not creating your own brand, others will make up their own minds and create your brand for you. Make sure you are steering the ship.

Are you worried that staying so focused will make you run out of ideas. Fear not and read about how you can generate 100+ content ideas in under 1 hour. There are many subtopics to address, questions to answer, news as well as discoveries to cover. Creating fresh articles shouldn't be an issue.

It's one thing to meet people, it's another to connect with them. Here are some ideas to create and cultivate lucrative relationships.

  • Network, network, network. Meet as many people with interest in your field as you can. BUT make sure you are taking the time to truly get to know them, to help them in some way, and to always give before you take or ask for referrals. It can be as simple as remembering their son's birthday and wishing them a happy one on that date.

  • Give presentations to groups who may be interested in what you have to offer.

  • Be genuine and authentic. Fake doesn't cut it. If you want to earn trust, you must be trustworthy. Sure, you want to promote sales, but don't you want to help people also? If your conversations push people to purchase, readers are less likely to buy your products or services.

  • Ask your ideal clients who you can help them? Listen to what they have to say and respond accordingly!

how to build brand authority

Content & Authentic Connection is Your Key To Building Your Brand Authority

Really what it boils down to is showing up and serving your ideal clients! Be helpful, be authentic, and be a thought leader. When you can master these steps, consumers will start to build trust and confidence in your brand. And guess what? People prefer to purchase from brands they trust.

Publishing posts that offer solutions to problems, ways to improve business, or which share revolutionary insight, are KEY to the interest of becoming a thought leader in your industry.

Ready to put yourself in the spotlight as well as become a respected industry leader? Contact us and let's discuss the craft of brand authority and creating valuable content.

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