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How to Repurpose Content: 25 Awesome Ideas

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Repurpose Content in a way that doesn’t eat up your time or your ad spend!

Are you struggling to show up online? Has content creation become overwhelming? Perhaps you just feel completely invisible!

Thankfully there’s a simple solution.

Repurposing content is a foolproof way to save time and connect with customers without reinventing the wheel every time.

In this guide we’ll cover:

copy how to repurpose content easily

We all know that content is king.

Unlike ads and sales-driven marketing, it allows you to sell in a way that demonstrates your authority and expertise in the form of in-depth blogs, ‘how to’ videos or snippets of inspiration.

By giving away high-value information to your target audience, you can start to create ongoing connections and nurture a pool of potential clients.

But with so many platforms to show up on, how do you publish quality content consistently? The answer is to repurpose the content you already have.

Need help coming up with content ideas to repurpose? Check out this blog where we share how to generate over 100 ideas in under one hour.

As well as reducing the time spent creating and coming up with ideas for content, repurposing content has extended benefits for your business.

Not all of your target audience will prefer the same style of content. Some will engage with short Instagram videos, others will prefer longer YouTube tutorials. Many will find your content online through search engines and read guides on your blog.

The key benefit of repurposing content is that you don’t have to spend hours creating completely new visuals, articles and social media posts for each individual platform. Instead, you can connect with each of these different audiences using the same quality content.

By repurposing your content, you can get found online in multiple places and FOREVER if you utilize algorithms like Google and YouTube appropriately!

Social media posts have a lifetime of 24-48 hours. That puts pressure on marketers and business owners to show up every day, attempting to get their message out quickly in the hope to go viral.

However, blog posts and long form articles with good SEO can generate leads for years to come without having to be republished. This means you can show up in a bigger way for longer.

Make sure your articles are optimized for Google rankings with our top 10 blogging SEO tips.

Most of us don’t have time to show up on every platform, every day. But if repurposed properly, content allows you to constantly be a presence online. The more your audience sees your content, the more they will develop that all important like, know, trust factor.

Repurpose your content and you’ll be much more likely to increase engagement, email subscribers, website traffic and sales.

woman sitting for picture of how to repurpose content

The first step to repurposing your content is to start with the big stuff. Do you prefer writing blogs or videos? Have you got webinar footage or white papers? Decide on your preferred form and collate any previously created long form content.

Next, we’ll send each piece you start with, whether it's video or written, down two tracks in a content creation & repurposing flow:

1. Video and Audio (You can either edit your video, or use your blog post as a script!)

  • Post to YouTube

  • Post to LinkedIn

  • Post to Facebook

  • Resize and optimize for Instagram (short and long-form edits)

  • Resize and optimize for TikTok (short-form edits)

  • Extract the audio for a Podcast episode

2. Text and Imagery (You can either transcribe your video, or split up your blog post)

  • Transcribe video into a blog post

  • Share long-form on external sites (medium, reddit, Linkedin articles, etc)

  • Create Short-form social media posts from transcript

  • Create Email newsletters by copying social posts

  • Create visuals out of the best quotes from the transcript

  • Turn information into infographics and chart visuals

Check out this video where we share the secret behind our own content creation flow that we use at Rising Ranks Digital.

Let’s say you start with a live broadcast on Facebook.

In the first track, we’ll break down the Facebook live further into audio and video clips that can be repurposed across social media. Share short bites across your Instagram feed, Reels, IGTV and Stories. Or reach a new audience on TikTok.

Here you can even turn the video into a podcast. Take out the voice over and voila! A brand new audience in less than five minutes.

In the second track, we’ll transcribe the video and format the copy into a 1,000 word blog post. From here we can pull a ton of quotes and nuggets of information to turn into short form content from Instagram carousels and tweets to email newsletters and LinkedIn posts.

rising ranks digital content repurposing flow chart

While you can repurpose content alone, the initial editing and transcribing process is time taken away from your business. Instead, with outsourced help, you can create amazing content across each of your platforms in as little as ten minutes.

This is the perfect opportunity to work with a virtual assistant or professional content agency. We recommend sending your original content to two individuals, one for the video/audio track and one for the visual track.

At Rising Ranks, we create and repurpose our client's content to get maximum coverage. Each weekly blog is written with best SEO practice before being shared across multiple external sites, social media platforms and turned into email copy.

The key to successfully repurposing your content is always looping back to your end goal.

Do you want to generate email sign-ups? Grow your YouTube views? Simply direct consumers to your services?

Always provide a clear call to action and send people back to more free content on your website whether it’s another blog post, opt-in download or mailer. And finally, don’t forget to link back to the original article or video in each piece of repurposed content.

Struggling to come up with content ideas?

Not meeting your lead generation goals?

If you’re not getting the results you want, your business could benefit from a professional content strategist. Outsourcing to an expert will ensure your content is truly valuable, published with the purpose to increase sales and maximize your marketing ROI.

Find out more about how a content strategist can help drive success in your business.

women on computer repurposing content

Whether you prefer talking to camera or the written word, there are a bunch of ways to share your already-created content across multiple platforms. Here are 25 different methods to get you started:

1. An infographic

Not only are infographics perfect for those who prefer visual imagery over text; they’re extremely sharable too. Don’t forget to include it in your original blog post.

2. An article for Medium

Posting your content on external sites can help reach a new audience and increase your chances of going viral. Try rewording your article for Medium, a free online publishing platform.

3. Social media captions

Within each blog post will be at least a few great points you can use for your social media posts as quote graphics!

4. An email newsletter

Pull out the key information from your blog post and turn it into a mailer for your email list. Don’t forget to link back to the article to turn readers into website traffic.

5. A video

Talk through the content of your article to camera (just like reading a script) to engage those who prefer video. There are a huge amount of places to share it from going live on Instagram to a LinkedIn post.

Or why not try...

6. Webinars/training videos -> YouTube videos

If you’ve hosted or taken part in a webinar over the years, now’s the time to share your wisdom with a wider audience. Re-record or edit your content into shorter clips for YouTube.

7. Videos -> TikTok

With any video, there’s bound to be dozens of tips you can trim down to share on TikTok. Add captions or music and publish away!

8. Podcasts -> blog posts

If you run a podcast then you already have a ton of content you can filter into your blog plan. Outsource a virtual assistant to type up each episode into a SEO optimized blog post to maximize your organic traffic.

9. Facebook Lives -> podcasts

Going live on Facebook is great for engaging your audience. But rather than repeat yourself into a mic, simply take the prerecorded audio and snip it together with an introduction for your very own podcast episode.

10. Podcast quotes -> social graphics/videos

Whether recorded alone or with an expert guest, there will be a multitude of inspiring quotes within one podcast episode. Pick out your favorites and either type into a graphic or share the audio clip alongside an image on your social media. It also acts as an advertisement for your podcast!

11. Chapters of your book -> podcast episodes

Ever written a book on your area of expertise? Well then lucky you! You’ve just come across a wealth of pre-written content ready for sharing. Why not read out each chapter and publish on a podcast? You can link back to your book and share clips on social media.

12. Internal training videos -> paid mini courses

Whether you’ve trained your staff or been paid to educate a client’s team, you’ll have needed to create a wealth of training materials. Turn videos into paid mini courses, hosted on your website. Customers purchase the course and the videos land in their inbox - a quick, simple sale!

13. Presentations -> opt-in offer

Run a presentation recently? Use the content to create an opt-in offer on your website from a handy how-to guide to an actionable 30 day challenge.

14. Presentations -> SlideShare

Share your knowledge and reach an untouched audience by publishing your presentation on SlideShare.

15. Press features -> social posts

Share your recent press with your followers and link to the article to drum up brand awareness.

16. Press features -> email

Don’t forget to spread the word with your email list. You can use this opportunity to promote the product or service mentioned.

17. Infographic -> Pinterest post

Pinterest is the number one sharing platform for infographics. People love them! Post your content and link back to your original blog post.

18. Infographic -> Instagram Stories

Don’t forget to share your infographic elsewhere including Instagram where viewers can reshare and save for later.

19. Client wins -> blog post

Won a new client recently? Go you! Now share the good news on your blog where you can talk about all the amazing work you’ve done. Make sure to get your client’s permission first.

20. Client wins -> case study

Next up, turn the blog post into a case study that can be used in future proposals and sales pitches. Flesh out with images, statistics and testimonials.

21. Client wins -> social post

Finally, shout about your new win on social media. This is the perfect way to demonstrate your trustworthiness to potential prospects.

22. Year of social posts -> coffee book

Most of us publish on social media at least a few times a week. That’s over 100 posts a year! Give clients something to browse before a meeting and show off your creativity with a branded coffee book.

23. Questions you answer inside your FB group -> blog posts

If you have a Facebook group for your business, you’ve no doubt been asked a fair few questions from clients and prospects. Keep track of what’s being asked and collate into themed blog posts.

24. Questions you answer inside your FB group -> FB Lives / TikTok/ videos

Spot a trend in your FB group questions? Why not answer them at once in a Facebook live? You can then edit this video into shorter TikToks or share it straight onto YouTube.

25. Pitch deck -> a sales landing page

Got a pitch deck you’re proud of? Turn your sales copy into a website landing page, optimizing it for SEO to attract new clients from Google search results.

If you liked these tips, you'll LOVE our FREE masterclass, "How to Repurpose Your Live Launch or Workshop into 7 Months of Content!"

Repurposing content is the only way to successfully connect with and sell to your audience without spending all your time online or on advertising spend!

If you’d like to learn more about content strategies and repurposing, get in touch with the team at Rising Ranks Digital.

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