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Get Web Visitors to Stay Longer to Increase SEO Rank

1) Direct Web Visits

2) Time on Site

3) Pages per Session

That's why all SEO experts will tell you to optimize for your target audience and not just search engines! Yes, keywords are important, but giving your customer a quality and fun experience should be your #1 priority!

1. Make your website easy to read.

Make sure your copy is legible, sub headers are bold, and you utilize bullets for lists. A messy, hard-to-read website will make visitors run for the hills.

2. Create a blog and post consistent and relevant content.

Analyze your posts to see which ones perform the best and then post more like them! Forget about the topics that don’t drive engagement.

3. Utilize internal linking.

Link out to other pages on your website from every page. For example, link out to your services and contact page from your homepage. Also, make sure you are linking back to your website from your blog posts. This helps users navigate your website more easily.

4. Offer Free Resources…

WITHOUT asking for emails or personal information. These types of resources drive a ton of traffic if they are promoted properly and backlinks (other sites linking to your website, which is SEO gold!)

5. Utilize videos!

People seem to prefer watching visuals vs. reading when it comes to websites.

6. Utilize imagery

If someone lands on a webpage that looks like a textbook they more than likely won’t stick around. Make your page visually appealing and break up the copy to make your information more digestible.

7. Keep website load times down.

The faster your website loads the more visitors you will have. You lose a huge percentage of visitors even after 3 seconds of load time!

8. Tell your visitors what you want them to do.

Make sure you have a CTA at the end of the page, and bonus points for having one above the fold! Guide your visitors to your end goal. If they aren’t sure what they are supposed to do, they will leave.

Looking for more ways to increase your SEO rank? Check out my free SEO checklist!

Have other any other tips to keep visitors on your website longer? Comment below and let me know!!

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