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Apply to be a guest on our podcast while booking is now open.


Looking to apply to be a guest on our podcast?


Here are your Next Steps...

Podcast requirements


Your Host,
Caitlin Strempel

  • As a business, you should be experiencing some very good momentum AND be grossing more than 6-figures annually. This is important. We’ll be talking about how to be number one in your industry.

  • Come from a place of service. Take this time seriously because this is an opportunity for growth and impact.

  • Consider your company as having ‘purpose;’ and having a thoughtful mission.


Assuming you qualify above, we can’t wait to promote you multiple times through our super loyal fan base!


Interested in becoming a more effective podcast guest?


Once you schedule, I’ll share 5 videos to watch before your interview: (No catch here! Your success is our success.)


Video 1. Who our audience is – and how to tailor your message for maximum impact.


Video 2. How to look and sound amazing!


Video 3. How to sell effectively to our audience. (Yes, you read that right.)


Video 4. Becoming More Visible Online.


Video 5. How to double your impact + What questions I’ll ask you.


Learn more about the creator of the How I Scaled Service podcast, Caitlin Strempel.

1. Schedule the podcast below.


2. Enjoy the interview via Zoom video.


3. We send you all the assets, social media posts, and even video clips to promote.


4. We promote you to our hard core loyal fans (who love sharing great content!)

How I Scaled Service is currently on summer hiatus. Please check back in September for our new calendar!

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