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7 tips for your digital marketing in 2021

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

More and more businesses went digital in 2020. This forced brands to be creative in order to stand out against the growing competition.

So how can we stand out in the new online marketplace?

Here we share everything you need to know to be successful with your digital marketing in 2021.

With the rise of TikTok, instagram Reels, IGTV, Stories and more Youtube visits, video marketing is a MUST for all businesses.

People love indulging, learning and being entertained via video. Whether it’s a how-to tutorial, glimpse behind the scenes or face to face discussion, consumers are engaging with video content more than ever.

8 billion videos are viewed daily on social media alone, with customers spending at least 100 minutes per day watching online.

If you’re not producing video content in 2021, you are missing out on a huge proportion of customer engagement and conversions.

The digital landscape is hugely overcrowded. To stand out in 2021, you need to show up in as many places as you can, covering every channel possible to connect with your audience.

Rather than creating new content for each platform - taking hours to generate new ideas - plan a selection of high-quality ideas that can be easily repurposed.

Start by creating a content flow for your business. With each new video, you can generate copy, blogs and several social media posts for each channel. By doing so you will be able to show up more fully and more often with great content.

Want to know how to create a content flow? Check out this video which shares our foolproof process.

Content needs to be created based on what your customers want to consume - which might not be what you originally think.

So how do you find out their specific needs?

Start by getting to know your consumers. Hang out with them in digital spaces such as Facebook Groups and Clubhouse. See what common themes arise and what questions are being asked to evaluate how your brand can solve their problem.

Next, do your keyword research. Determine what type of content your consumers are looking for on search engines.

Finally, analyze your current available data to understand what type of content your consumers engage with. You can do this through Google Analytics as well as your social media platform insights.

To connect with consumers, you need to embody your brand vibe rather than solely discuss your products or services.

What is the core feeling you are trying to create for your consumers? Is it pride? Joy? Safety? Adventure? The list goes on.

Emulate this emotion in all of your branding and content. From your website visuals and your email copy to your customer service. Each touchpoint should exude your vibe and invite consumers to feel what it is like to purchase from you.

To help you bring your brand vibe to life, you need to build a deep understanding of what you and your brand represent. This will set you apart from the ever-growing competition online.

Ask yourself the following questions:

What is your purpose on this earth?

What do you care about?

What are your deep core values?

Who do you want to attract to your brand?

Diving deeper into these bigger topics allows you to establish and stay consistent with your brand vibe so that you can build more engaging connections with your consumers.

Whether it’s copy, images, or video content, you must show up authentically across your digital marketing. People are sick of buttoned up perfection in 2021. They want raw, they want honesty, they want a real connection.

If you share content that you don’t truly believe in, viewers will pick up on subconscious cues and not purchase from you if they feel misaligned from your brand.

Many of the above tips cater to your like, know and trust factor. But how can you deepen it even further?

When you have a connection with your consumer, they start to look and come directly to you to buy. This leads to less-effort sales because they already like, know and trust you.

So how can you add value to your customers today? This could be asking a question, inviting them to help make a business decision or simply reaching out to see how they’re feeling.

Second to this is making your current consumers feel special. As well as connecting with people online who may or may not have purchased from you, your previous customers are of the utmost importance. You need to dedicate ample time to surprising and delighting them so they continue to want to buy from your brand.

Are you offering them exclusivity? Touching on their different love languages? Can you check in to see how you can better your service or product?

Taking care of your current customer base is THE most effective marketing campaign you can have. They are the people who will repurchase, recommend and refer to you new clientele.

2021 is going to be the year of better content, more connection, and deeper authenticity. Consumer experience remains at the heart of successful digital marketing - from your website to the way you represent your brand online.

Find out more about how we can help you with your SEO or digital marketing in 2021, with Rising Ranks Digital - the experts for getting service-based businesses to the top of Google.

And of course, comment, like, and share if you found this blog helpful or have questions!

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