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Episode 21: The Value of Being in the Moment
Featuring Vikram Ahuja, Co- Founder of Talent500.

Vikram Ahuja of Talent500

"That's the exciting part of what we're doing today, which is allowing us to build a future where people can be anywhere doing the incredible work that they love and enjoy.  -Vikram Ahuja

In this episode, your host, Genesis Amaris Kemp talks to Talent500's Vikram Ahuja about the importance of creating a flexible career that works with your lifestyle. Find out how his company is making this possible for employers and employees around the world. 

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ABOUT Vikram Ahuja

Vikram is an experienced serial entrepreneur with a passion for using creativity to build and grow businesses across multiple domains. He pursues ventures at the intersection of art, technology and business. As an entrepreneur-for-life, Vikram is always looking for new ideas to fuel his passion.

He is currently working on and invested in ventures exploring the future of work, travel and creative arts. Particularly, how future communities and teams will be built based on similar passions, needs, and ideas unbound by geography and borders.

Vikram is the Co-Founder of Talent500 which helps the top 10% of engineering talent accelerate their careers with opportunities from Fortune500 companies and global industry leaders.

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Show notes + LINKs

Our interview was so enlightening and valuable as we discussed things like:

  • How many companies are benefitting by using Talent500

  • The tips you need to avoid business burnout 

  • How Talent500 has revolutionized working from home

  • What you can do to differentiate your company from your competitors 

...and so much more!


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