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How I Scaled Service PODCAST

Episode 6: Software Development Services
Featuring Vladimir Lugovsky, CEO of Akveo & UI Bakery

Vladimir Lugovsky CEO of Akveo.jpg

"Our mission is to create tools that efficiently allow businesses to achieve their technical goals" -Vladimir Lugovsky

Your host, Genesis Amaris Kemp, talks with Vladimir Lugovsky about his software development company where he and his team make both web and mobile applications.



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ABOUT Vladimir lugovsky

Vladimir is a serial entrepreneur from Belarus currently running a software development agency Akveo with its flagship low-code SaaS product UI Bakery. He has a solid software engineering background, and shares his perspective on tech, marketing, sales, and how these notions correlate.

Show notes + LINKs

Our interview was so enlightening and valuable as we discussed things like:

  • How to get clients to choose your software company 

  • The steps Vladimir and his team took to get their product noticed 

  • How Akveo services can benefit your business at any level

  • The important wisdom Vladimir has learned in his industry!

...and so much more!


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