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Tips for a Killer Digital Marketing Strategy in 2020

Now that we are off and running (the world!) in 2020 you probably already have a general plan for your business... so now it's time to get even more specific and hone in on your digital strategy, especially how it relates to your SEO!

I LOVE digital strategy SO much. I love thinking analytically and creating plans that convert and drive traffic and profits UP! I mean, who doesn’t love seeing biz numbers rise?

Why is a digital marketing strategy important to have?

Two words: Efficiency and effectiveness! It keeps you focused on what's important and what is going to drive the most profits with the least amount of effort in the shortest amount of time!

Typically SEO is plopped into a digital strategy as it’s own entity, but I create digital strategies around SEO ensuring everything leads back to your website to:

  1. Close a sale

  2. Drive traffic

  3. Increase your domain authority (a number Google assigns your website to rate how relevant and popular it is)

These are the steps I take to ensure my digital marketing tactics drive sales AND increase my SEO.

Keep doing what’s working well for you…or starting to work well for you! Maybe you just started putting efforts into Instagram and you don’t have a huge following yet. Well, does the following you do have interact with you? Have you reached out to them formed at least a few good relationships? If so, then keep it up! It’s not about speed or quantity… it’s about quality!

Pull back on, or switch up, any efforts or tactics that aren’t working for your business. Did you put a ton of effort into something last year that didn’t really garner any sales, quality connections or traffic to your website? Don’t be afraid to walk away from it! Test out another tactic to see if you obtain better results!

Have you seen other platforms where others have found success? Or is there one that really aligns with your business that you haven’t tried yet? ADD it to your marketing mix! You won’t know what works best for YOU and your brand until you actually test it out.You just need to make sure you go all in to test it out… if you half ass it, you will only get half ass results.

Looking for inspiration on what you can try?…

Here is my best practice for using this grid…

digital marketing matrix

When coming up with a digital marketing strategy for my clients and myself, I make sure

1. I am picking at least 2-3 items along the purchase funnel from awareness all the way to purchase! This ensures that you are capturing new leads, nurturing leads, and then closing the sale.

NOTE: Purchase funnels typically go Awareness --> Interest --> Consideration --> Evaluation --> Purchase

NOTE: Depending on how you utilize the platforms and tactics showcased in the graph, they can move around slightly, which is totally fine to do! This graph just showcases how I use each platform.

2. That each part of the purchase funnel has BOTH a rational AND emotional component. Maybe that means I create a checklist (rational) and then also create a video (emotional) around that checklist that goes more in detail about the reasoning behind why the checklist is important and how it’s personally changed my business. These are my “purchase funnel bundles”

Once you’ve tested and played around in spaces, you will come to find what worked and what didn’t. This is your chance to rework your “purchase funnel bundles” and create a bomb marketing plan that will drive traffic AND profits!!

Just remember that each component should be driving BACK to your website (including social posts, podcasts, presentations, etc) in order to amplify your SEO!


If you are thinking of utilizing Pinterest, or YouTube, click on the links to get my FREE checklists for how to use them in the most effective way.

Want to dive even DEEPER into creating a digital marketing strategy, or need help with a specific platform mentioned in my matrix? I offer digital strategy services so let's chat!

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