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How to Raise the Vibration of Your Business During COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Energy is ALL over the place during these times. Businesses are closing their doors while other businesses are flourishing. You might even be feeling it yourself – I know I am. One week I’m having a blast playing on the water slide with my son, and then the next I’m raging because I can’t handle the claustrophobia of being stuck in the same place for over a month!

One thing is for sure, though…The world, including your business, could use some serious positivity and good energy rippling out to it. So how can you rev up the vibration or YOUR business? I’m glad you asked :)

First, I would like to talk about what vibration actual means. In the simplest way I can think to describe it, vibration is an accumulation of the unseen signals you send out to the world that come directly to you. I'm sure you've heard people say "high vibe", "raise the vibration", etc. Those phrases essentially mean sending positive waves of unseen energy out into the world.

raise the vibration of your business

These signals unconsciously tell people if you are compatible, how they can treat you, etc. The same goes for your business. Your business can send these signals out too... it helps draw in the most compatible clients to you, amazing employees, and money! The more positive signals you're emitting, the more positive outcomes/manifestations you will attract.

1. Hire if you can

Hiring doesn’t mean that you have to bring on a full-time employee. You can hire someone to just set up some Facebook ads for you or write a few blog posts for you! Anything helps these people who are currently struggling, and you can never have too much time to do the things that LIGHT YOU UP the most! Think about just ONE thing on your list right now that you have either been sitting on or you are just not that excited to work on – pass it off and think of it as an investment in building up your JOY during this time. I promise you… that feeling, plus the energy of money flow, plus the feeling the person receiving your transaction and then helping you out by doing something they love, will bring such a beautiful vibration into your business and your life!

If you are looking to invest in a larger hire soon, do it NOW! So many people have gotten laid off that the talent pool is pretty phenomenal right now. When the pandemic is over they will get scooped up really quickly. It’s time to get ahead.

2. Give Back

Tony Robbins says it himself, “The secret to living is giving.” Let me say it louder for the folks in the back… “THE SECRET TO LIVING IS GIVING!”

I mean, c’mon, did you feel your vibration soar just by reading those words? Giving back doesn’t need to be big, and no matter how big or how small, giving back gives you a sense of purpose, a sense of changing the world, a sense of joy....and of course...raises your vibration. Here are some ways you can give back:

- Financially support a cause you passionately care about.

- Send a referral to someone who needs the work.

- Give a small business a shout out on social media

- Give a business a glowing review on Google My Business or Yelp.

- You can even perform a mini service for a testimonial in return.

No matter if you are sending money, or a Yelp review, do it from a place of feeling abundant and do it with pure love! Not only will that help send a ripple effect and hopefully inspire others to do the same, but they say that giving money with this mindset and energy, sets you up to bring in even more money! You are telling the universe that you use your money for the better of the world, and therefore it sends more your way.

3. Take Care of YOU and your current environment.

I know we are in a pandemic and stuck in our homes, which can get really annoying and for some actually quite mentally heavy. But now is the time to be so incredibly grateful for what you have and for the time that allows you to slow down and truly focus on what matters. HINT: That’s you!

I always say this and always will – the most important thing in your business is YOU!

So sit back, wiggle it out, roll out your shoulders… Breathe in, breath out… then ask yourself, “What do I need right now? What will feel so incredibly good to me right now?” If you quiet your mind and listen, you will get an answer.

So what do you need? Is it sleep? A manicure? A business course? To paint a canvas? Go and do that NOW… hurry, go! This is the BEST time to get in a habit of treating yourself FIRST. If you don’t feel motivated to write a social media post today DON’T DO IT! Go do something that lights you up and gets you refreshed. More than likely after taking care of yourself, you will come back even more energized to write that post. And guess what? It’s going to be WAYYYYYY better than what you would have written in your previous state.

Positive action fuels your body, positive mindset feeds your mind, positive energy heals your soul – working on these in tandem will raise your vibration and make you unstoppable in your life and your business. During these times, it’s imperative you get these honed it because the world needs to feel your waves of positivity.

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