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How To Setup Google Business Profile

Drive more traffic to your website by setting up a Google Business Profile!

If you're looking to get ranked locally with SEO, you need a Google Business Profile. Google Business Profiles are the perfect place to begin your SEO efforts and they are easy to set up and use!

If you have a business that you would like to get local traffic from (people in your area), this is the best place to start. After all, thousands of people take to Google every day to search for products or services near them…and these people are ready to buy!

You want your site to show up on their screen as one of the first choices, right? Of course you do! That means more traffic to your site and more money in your pocket!

The key to a successful Google Business Profile is making sure the information about your business that shows up when people search for your product or service is accurate, complete, and fully optimized.

If you’re ready to learn how to set up a Google Business Profile and make your listing as strong and optimized as possible, read on.

What's a Google Business Profile

Before we jump into how to set up your Google Business Profile, let’s talk about what it is. A Google Business Profile is a FREE tool that was created to help businesses manage their online presence across the entire Google platform. The tool was previously called Google My Business but last year, Google started transitioning away from the standalone Google My Business app (which will be retired completely) and is now focusing on enabling businesses to manage their profiles directly within Google Search and Google Maps.

Google Business Profiles are kind of like an online directory and a social profile mixed together. Business owners can create and claim ownership of their profile and put all their vital information on there like hours, location, photos, etc.

You can also publish posts to your Google Business Profile, as you would to your social media accounts. The posts you create are not permanent, they will delete after 7 days, but they can be a great tool to utilize. Additionally, customers can leave reviews and upload photos of your business as well.

With the move from Google My Business to Google Business Profile, there are also some additional new features. Firstly, you can claim and verify your Google Business Profile directly in Google Search and Google Maps. In addition, messaging can be done directly from Google Search and read receipts can be controlled within Search and Maps as well.

All in all, this is an excellent tool to help customers find you while allowing you to manage your customers by replying to reviews, adding in photos, learning where and how people are searching for you, and more.

How To Set Up A Google Business Profile

Want to learn how to set up a Google Business Profile for your business and start increasing your local SEO? Well, the good news is that if you already have a Google My Business listing, you won’t need to set up a whole new profile; Google will have automatically moved your details over to the new Google Business Profile software.

If you are completely new to it, however, here’s our step-by-step process that will walk you through the entire thing:

1. Search for your business on Google. Does your business show up as a Google Business Profile? If YES, CLAIM YOUR BUSINESS, then follow these steps. If NO, move to step 2.

2. Create a listing.

3. Fill out your profile completely and double-check to make sure that all the information you entered is accurate.

4. Pick a business category that is closely aligned with your business (the more detailed the better).

5. Make sure your profile/logo picture includes a picture of YOU if you are the face of your brand. If not, use your brand logo.

6. Pick a cover photo that clearly and visually states your services.

7. Note the EXACT way you listed your address, hours, etc. This will come in handy down the road for additional SEO strategies.

PRO TIP: Use that exact address formatting on your website and any other listings you sign up for, so you don’t confuse Google and your customers by putting conflicting information about your business out there.

8. Verify your website by requesting a postcard.

9. Select your service area (this is optional but it’s best to fill it out if you can).

10. Add your social links.


12. Add a secondary URL (contact page) for an ‘Appointment URL’.

13. Add your services/products, along with your prices.

14. Add business highlights! This is anything that makes you unique (i.e., veteran-led, woman-led, etc.)

15. Include an enticing description. This should stand out and be aligned with your brand while explaining EXACTLY what you offer and what you do.

16. Include the day that your business started/opened.

17. Add photos – as many as you can! Make sure ALL photos are optimized for SEO (read more about how to optimize photos.)

PRO TIP: create photos of your testimonials AND results to build more trust!

18. Add videos! The possibilities are endless here ( tutorials, a welcome video, an about video). Again, this will add more trust to your brand and build a stronger connection with your target customers.

19. Complete the ‘Advanced information section’ if you have multiple locations. It’s best if you have different phone numbers for different locations.

20. Start posting! Posts on your Google Business Profile are like mini-blogs (which can have up to 1500 characters). DO NOT copy posts that are already on your website, this would be seen as duplicate content by Google, which is a no-no.

PRO TIP: Rather than duplicate content, you can do a teaser for a blog post you have on your website instead. Provide a good hook and some leading information then include a call to action that links the reader to the full blog post. Don't forget that call to action button and link! This will get more traffic to your website, creating more brand awareness and increasing the likelihood that your traffic will convert to paying customers.

21. ASK for reviews! Don’t be shy here. The more reviews you have, the more trust you build, both with Google and with potential customers.

22. Setup messaging by turning on the chat feature of your profile. This will help your conversions. Potential customers can send you a message through your Google Business Profile and you’ll get an alert when they do. Then, you can instantly respond to their inquiry, just like you would on social media.

23. Make sure your notifications are turned on if a potential client tries to reach out to you.

24. Add a promotion! You do this under posts, and it's just another great way to convert visitors into paying customers.

25. If you have any issues, contact Google Business Profile support on Twitter at @GoogleMyBiz. Their team is very responsive and can provide any additional insight and guidance you may need.

The Benefits Of Having A Google Business Profile

In order to fully grasp the awesome benefits that having a Google Business Profile can bring you, take a look at our list below:

It’s Free!

This should be a no-brainer. Google Business Profiles are a completely free marketing tool that can dramatically increase your visibility online. More online exposure equates to more sales, and I don't know of any businesses that aren't looking to create more sales.

Helps Customers Find You

If your business has a physical location that customers need to be able to get to, having your exact address listed on your Google Business Profile will allow them to find you easily.

Increased Search Visibility

Your Google Business Profile can help you gain a coveted spot in the ‘map pack’, or the few listings located in the high-visibility panel near the top of the search engine results page (below the paid ads and above the organic results). Aside from ranking number one organically, this is one of the best positions to be in for increased traffic and conversions on your site.

Displays All Your Crucial Information

Your Google Business Profile contains all the critical information about your business, its services, prices, hours, etc. all in one convenient place. If you happen to have any updates or changes to your business, you can update it and customers will immediately see the changes.

It’s Another Communication Channel

Between the messaging options and the ability to make posts, you can interact, update, and respond to your customers quickly and easily. The more places potential customers can find you and get more information about your products and/or services, the better.

You Can Encourage And Respond To Reviews

Reviews build trust, so the more you have out there, the more people are likely to trust you and whatever you’re selling. Be sure to send your satisfied customers to your Google Business Profile to leave a review. You even have the option to respond to reviews, showing your commitment to customer service and appreciation of your clients.

Gain Customer Insights And Track Website Traffic

There’s an insights tab in Google Business Profile that offers you a whole wealth of analytics. In fact, you can actually customize the information that you see. You can pick the stats to compare, and Google will display the data in a handy chart for you.

The main stats you can see include visibility, engagement, and audience. These will tell you the number of views to your profile, posts, photos and more. You can also see your engagement, which encompasses clicks, shares, comments, etc.

Lastly, you’ll be able to see a breakdown of the people who are following your business by age, gender, and country.

As a business owner who’s looking to drive more traffic to your website and increases sales, this is a great place to analyze the data!

It Makes Managing Your Online Presence Easier

Our last benefit is the fact that a Google Business Profile makes managing and navigating your online presence even easier by tying everything together in one place. Your Google Business Profile is integrated into Maps and Search and is closely tied to AdWords, Analytics and Trends.

Set Up Your Google Business Profile Today!

If you haven’t done so already, head on over to and get started setting up your Google Business Profile today!

Use our step-by-step list, packed with tips and tricks, to make the setup process smooth, easy, and optimized.

Need additional help? Or want to learn more about SEO strategies that can help you amplify your business and sales? Check out our digital marketing services, and get in touch today!

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