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Best Chrome Plugins For SEO Beginners

If you haven't gotten on the Chrome plugin bandwagon, you've GOT TO! I'm obsessed with Chrome plugins because they make SEO (and life) so much easier and more efficient... and I'm all about efficiency as I'm sure you are too.

These top 5 plugins for SEO beginners will not only make work-life more efficient, but they will also play a pivotal role in helping you rise in the ranks! I personally use these ALL.THE.TIME and can truly say that they are game changers!

This is my MOST USED plugin! This plugin helps you audit your website, and take a peek at what your competitors are doing and what their SEO tactics look like. You can also check out how many backlinks they have and if they are running any Google paid ads. I actually have a walk through video on how I use this plugin. You can find that here.

This tool is ahhhh-mazing! Turn this bad boy on and it will highlight several other keywords PLUS their search volume PLUS how much it would cost to bid on for Google paid ads. It will give you SO many more keywords that you haven't thought of before. Keyword research is one of the most critical first steps in getting found online, so this is a pretty important plugin! Want more info on finding the best keyword? Check out my Keyword Research tutorial.

A great plugin if you are working on building your backlinks (links from other websites that point to yours! Go to any webpage and see a website has broken links on it. Ideally you want to use this on websites that align with your products and services and where you have content that could replace what was on the broken link. Backlinks are gold for building your street cred with Google.

(Another app called Hunter is similar to Rocket Reach) I utilize this plugin when I'm reaching out to certain contacts at publications that I want to guest blog for. This tools helps me extract those sought-after emails of highly influential people! Go to a website or a LinkedIn profile, turn on the plugin and then see if it can find their email so you can reach out to them directly because FUN FACT: you get WAY better engagement when you email people directly instead of reaching out to them on social media.

SEO or not, this plugin is a must. It underlines words that are grammatically incorrect as you type! Google (and website visitors) do not like sites with a bunch of spelling and grammar errors. It decreases your credibility and the likelihood that someone will buy from you. Plus, I'm pretty sure your clients won't be too fond of it either.

You need to be selective when choosing your Chrome plugins because a ton of them can slow down your computer and internet browser. But stick with these 5 beginner SEO plugins and you can't go wrong, only up... in the Google ranks that is!

Want someone to take over the reigns and do SEO for you so you can focus on creating your magic for the world to see? Here are my services!

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