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Why You Need a FAQ Page & How to Create a Great One!

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

The Short Answer: For SO many reasons!!

The Long Answer:

1. It Helps SEO Rank

The majority of search queries are in the form of a question. If your website has that exact question on one of its webpages, guess what? It’s going to have a good chance of ranking for that keyword, especially if you are tagging your questions with H-Tags… if you have no idea what H-tags are, read my earlier blog post here.

2. Provides Good Customer Service

A FAQ provides answers to your prospective clients and customers when you aren’t around! It’s like 24/7 customer service. And, if you are giving the people what they want, they are more likely to convert!

3. Establishes You as an Expert

If your website keeps popping up in search engines when they are looking for answers to specific questions, your business will naturally start to be seen as an industry guru.

1. Look at your Google Analytics & Google Search Console accounts.

Here you will be able to see what your target marketing is searching for and what questions they are asking. You can also see which queries you are ranking really well for and which ones you need to improve up. Add these to your FAQ page!

2. Add H-Tags to your questions copy

Again, if you have no idea what H-Tags are and how to implement them, check this blog out. Make sure these questions are either setup as h2 or h3, whichever makes the most sense for your page layout. This will help you rank for the keywords that you need to improve upon and the keywords that your customer base is searching for.

3. Keep it nice and tidy

FAQ pages can become scary quickly with a bunch of text and no formatting. Make sure you break up the copy, keep the headers bigger and bolder than the answers, and have everything spaced out enough so everything is easy on the eyes and easy to read.

4. Link out to resources

If you see that there’s a question that needs to be answered and don’t want to put all the information in the FAQ page [because you are trying to keep it nice and tidy :) ] link out to other pages on your website, or even to other websites that answer it best!

5. Don’t let the FAQ page replace your customer service

Your company still needs a human-connection aspect to it, so make sure you are still urging people to reach out and connect with you via phone, email, social, or whatever…especially if they have more questions about your product, service, or company. And make sure your FAQ page has some personality to it! Nobody wants to read a super long FAQ page that reads like a textbook!

Have any other advice that I missed? Share below!!

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