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How to Create Money Making Content

We all know that content is king. Good content helps your business to thrive in a multitude of ways, and ultimately make you money.

It’s all very well writing a great series of social media posts, but if your time and effort don’t lead to any traction, you’ve pretty much wasted your time.

So, how do you make content that actually sells? We’ll be covering the four key questions to ask yourself before creating content, to keep you in check when it comes to your content strategy, and ensure your time is spent wisely.

Why is Content Important for Business?

Let’s cover why content is important for business in the first place.

The numbers don’t lie - content has a direct impact on sales and return on investment. Marketers who make business blogging a priority are 13 times more likely to experience positive ROI.

Content provides you with the opportunity to showcase your passion, expertise, and why clients can trust you. Social media, blogs, and email campaigns are a chance to demonstrate your business’s unique brand and personality.

There will be numerous other businesses that offer the same products or services as you in today’s overflowing market. You need to show prospective clients why they should pick you over them. Interesting and helpful content that positions you as a thought leader within your industry is an effective way to do this.

What Makes Good Content?

You need to be creating good content to establish yourself as a thought leader, but what exactly defines content as being good?

Good content is content that helps move your prospective clients down that all-important funnel, or in other words, makes them more likely to buy from you.

You may have a wacky and fun idea for a blog, but if it’s way off strategy and not consistent with your brand, then it’s smarter to spend your energy on content that sells. (Maybe save that idea for another project!)

That said, it’s still vital for content that sells to be creative, engaging, and helpful. You are fighting to be seen and heard in a busy market - make sure your content is engaging and useful enough to keep people reading. Just because the content sells, doesn’t mean it’s salesy.

Let’s now look at the four cornerstone questions that will help you create money-making content...

1. What is your ideal client struggling with?

Good content answers a question. It scratches an itch for the reader and leaves them knowing they can trust you.

You need to be able to read the mind of your ideal client and address what they are struggling with. But no need to get out your crystal ball! There are several tools you can use to research this:

  1. A simple Google search of a common client question will generate related searches which will give you an idea of similar queries.

  2. Websites such as Answer the Public are also helpful for revealing what people are asking online.

  3. Keep your ears and eyes open for content opportunities by being present on social media, at networking events, and in general conversations with clients and colleagues. Do you notice patterns in the questions that come up? Have you received multiple DMs about one topic, or are you seeing an influx of posts on Facebook groups about a particular service? Take note and create content accordingly.

Remember that most of us are time-poor. Your content is more likely to be read if it directly answers a question, or teaches readers something valuable.

2. Why are they struggling with this issue?

Once you’ve identified what your ideal client is struggling with, you need to analyze why.

To give you an example…

You may ask yourself why your ideal client is struggling to engage with others on social media. It could be because they lack the time to dedicate to this task, aren’t sure who they should be engaging with, or don’t appreciate how it will benefit their sales in the long run.

Your aim should be to focus on the pain points of your ideal clients and provide clarity. Focus on one pain point per piece of content, try not to confuse or overcomplicate a social media post or blog by addressing too many “whys” at once.

3. Why are they yet to find a solution?

Next up: what is stopping your ideal client from actively seeking a solution? Why are they not investing in products or services that will make their life easier?

Content that sells means content that encourages people to work with you or buy your products.

Your content must position you as an authority within your field, and clearly demonstrate what makes you an expert. Share insights and knowledge, unique opinions and points of view, and be authentic with it.

Don’t use buzz words and technical terms for the sake of it. Instead aim to genuinely help your ideal clients and speak on their level while sharing your expertise. Empathy is super important for getting clients to trust you.

This final question follows on from this nicely...

4. What will best motivate them to seek your help?

Trust that you and your business offering will motivate people to seek your help and invest in your services or products.

Keep the all-important trio of “like, know, trust” in mind when creating content that sells, and remember that prospective customers go on a journey before they purchase.

Your content should answer questions and scratch the itch of your ideal client. But it should also leave them wanting more.

This doesn’t have to be complicated. A clear call to action will remind readers that there’s more where that came from. Or you could try a lead magnet such as a free guide to encourage readers to join your community and get to know you and your expertise even better.

It’s all about creating content that gets you closer to your goals!

Create Content That Sells

Showing up consistently and serving your ideal clients will help you create content that sells. Answer their burning questions, address their doubts and empathize with their pain points.

And remember to ask yourself these four simple questions before doing so, and you’ll always remain on track with your overall strategy.

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