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Does Quora Help SEO?

SEO is all about being visible, driving traffic to your site, and getting the most bang for your buck from your content. Quora can help you do all these things, and more.

Answering questions and being active on Quora can really boost your marketing. It’s a web giant and a go-to place for quality content. If used smartly, Quora can be a seriously powerful tool for your SEO strategy.

If you want to know more about whether Quora can help SEO, just keep reading.

What is Quora?

Before we can discuss how to use Quora, let’s do a quick recap on the site and its purpose.

Quora is a sociable question and answer website that was established in 2009. It’s one of the most well-respected user-generated content websites, with excellent domain authority and 300 million unique visitors per month.

Questions span countless topics, and can be as lighthearted as “How to cook rice”, to as big as “How did the world begin?” Anyone can create an account, share insights on subjects they’re interested in, join communities of like-minded people, and/or leverage Quora’s traffic and authority to boost their search engine optimization.

Quora is a place for high-quality content and top answers are genuine and detailed. Be prepared to spend some time and effort on your profile and responses.

How to use Quora within your marketing strategy

Content marketers can use Quora to help SEO in a variety of ways, from conducting research, to increasing website traffic and gaining authority for their brand. Here’s how to use Quora to boost SEO:

Create your profile

First on the agenda is to create your Quora profile.

It’s similar to LinkedIn, in that you share information about you, your business or company, experience, interests, and skills, etc. You can also share a link to your website, or to wherever you would like to gain more traffic.

Use your Quora profile to demonstrate your authority and legitimacy. Keep in mind that when you answer questions, the asker will want to know more about you and what qualifies your response. Ask yourself, what would you want to know about responders to your question?

Research relevant topics

Once your profile is made, you can conduct a variety of valuable research on Quora that will help your SEO efforts.

Search for relevant topics within your industry, areas that you could share quality insights on, and that you want to stay up-to-date with. Simply type a keyword or phrase into the search box and follow applicable subjects so that new and relevant questions appear in your feed.

If you’re stuck on blog topics or content ideas, searching for what people are asking in Quora is a great place to start. There’s no point in creating content that people aren’t interested in. This is a simple yet effective way to use Quora to help your SEO and marketing strategy.

You can also search for your own products or services. Discovering what the public is asking about your brand is seriously valuable, and you can even turn questions into customer service opportunities if you then respond with helpful advice.

Answer questions

Writing good quality answers is absolutely key in how to use Quora effectively.

Quora answers don’t tend to be one-liners, but compact blog posts that answer questions in detail. Only respond to questions that you can answer in-depth, and with expertise. This will establish you as a thought leader within your industry.

Visibility will also be on your mind if you’re using Quora to support your SEO. You can help make your content more visible by looking for questions with plenty of followers. This implies that a question is a hot topic, and means that more people will be notified of the activity and read your answer.

You can add images to make your answer even clearer and demonstrative, and include links to your products, blogs, or other pertinent content. Let me repeat: YOU CAN ADD LINKS TO YOUR VERY OWN WEBSITE. So if you write killer content and have a great hook, guess who is visiting your website? The readers are!!

Speaking of your other content, you may find that you are able to repurpose existing blogs and web pages to answer Quora questions. This will save time and help you get the very most from your content efforts.

Include links in your answers

Let’s now talk a little more about links and Quora.

Links are a main component of SEO and are commonly thought of as being like votes. The more votes your website has, the better your search rankings. However, links shared by users on Quora are no-follow links, which means they do not count towards these votes.

But rest assured they are still beneficial to your marketing strategy, as they are able to increase traffic to your site. You can benefit from more visitors if you share great answers that include links, or if users source your link via your Quora profile, after reading one of your responses.

Sharing quality content on Quora ultimately makes you and your site more visible, so don’t discard no-follow links - they can be very valuable even if they don’t directly improve your rankings.

Be active and sociable

Quora is a social media network as well as a question and answer site. If you’re wondering how best to use Quora for SEO, it’s essential that you are an active and engaged member of the community.

You can join Quora Spaces, which are communities of users with common interests. Spaces are similar to Facebook groups and are a great way to build relationships and stay up to date on topics that are relevant to you.

Answering questions promptly is also important for visibility, so ensure you hang out regularly on Quora and engage with applicable subjects. Upvote answers you like, enable email notifications, and dedicate time each week to your Quora strategy.

Use Quora to improve your SEO

If you were wondering whether Quora helps SEO at the beginning of this blog, we hope we’ve answered your question!

Keep in mind that SEO is multifaceted and covers far more than getting to the top of Google. And remember that like many marketing strategies, using Quora for marketing is a “long game” approach. You most likely won’t see amazing results overnight, but with dedication and consistency, it can become a powerful tool in your digital marketing kit.

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