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How to Use Reddit for SEO

Being "the front page of the internet" is key to being seen in the right circles, depending on the topics your website posts. Currently, most marketers are aware that Reddit can be a powerful tool in the quest for more organic traffic. But many have no idea how to leverage its power to generate more traffic for their website. This article will discuss how you can use Reddit for SEO to get more traffic to your website. Read on!

What is Reddit?

The social news site Reddit is an online community where users can post links or text and share stories, images, or other forms of content. Reddit has two main categories of posts: links and text posts. Links are popular on Reddit because they can bring in traffic for sites.

On the other hand, text posts are used for more personal and social discussions. The platform also has subreddits where users can vote on Reddit posts to give them a certain number of shoutouts while keeping them within their community.

How to use Reddit to Boost Your SEO

Reddit is a platform for communities to discuss and vote on content they find most interesting. Reddit has a broad spectrum of interests, including news, science, fitness, entertainment, and more.

When you want to use Reddit for SEO, there are several critical things you should know about how the site works and how it can help you improve your rankings on Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). However, before engaging the site, ensure you legitimize your membership within the Reddit community by signing up. Below are the basics to get you started.

Find appropriate subreddits to follow

Reddit usually categorizes content into several "subreddits" depending on specific topics. The site allows users to post, comment, share links, and vote on preferred posts that they find relevant to a particular topic in a subreddit.

To find subreddits that are relevant to your preferred topic:

  • Search for the highly ranked subreddits within your niche via filter option and search bar.

  • Select the ones that best fit your niche from the drop-down links.

  • Read through the community's statistics, explanations, and highly active posts for guidance.

Alternatively, you can pick the most relevant subreddits to explore content suggestions, engage with your niche audience, and begin sharing valuable content. Keep in mind that sharing appropriate content helps drive targeted traffic to your website while creating high-quality backlinks.

Explore content ideas

There is no substitute for excellent content. Even though markets and brands can struggle to come up with content concepts, subreddits can help you design content that will perfectly suit your niche audience. Brands and marketers can filter subreddits by period and popularity. As such, Reddit is the perfect tool when looking for controversial, trending, and new topics and turning them into attractive blogs.

You can also use Reddit to find content ideas by looking for problems that you could potentially have solutions to or can compile answers from other subreddits. Users can do this by searching for terms such as "how to figure out, "how do you," "biggest challenge," or "I am struggling with." Filter out the results through the remarks to distinguish subjects that lead to maximum engagement.

Share videos

Regardless of the platform, you choose to use, videos have always been an effective tool to establish engagement in the online world. But which type of videos work well on Reddit? The rule of thumb states that the popularity ratio should be 9:1 when sharing content. This means that only 1 out of 10 posts should be yours.

The same principle applies to sharing videos. Reddit comprises essential criteria to post on reputable subreddits such as /r/videos. However, the platform requires you to have at least 10 comments and 10 links before sharing your videos.

Even though getting a chance to talk about your brand can be a daunting task, ensure you maximize it whenever you get the opportunity. Also, keep in mind that the videos need to be subtle and not direct advertisements of your product. Always make it appear like a solution to viewers' needs.

When posting videos on Reddit, ensure they are engaging. You can use an explainer video to market your products, which will create solutions within your niche. Ensure that you also make the videos engaging by making them hilarious, interactive, or animated. You can also use unique ways of storytelling to draw maximum attention.

Use appropriate keywords

The discussion of keywords is an integral part of any SEO dialogue. However, picking the correct keywords is the determinant to the success of an SEO job. The same principle also applies when using Reddit for SEO. As such, before selecting your preferred keywords for your Reddit, ensure you understand the platform's functional language and etiquette. You can do this by tracking your audience's remarks and talks and their style of expression.

Ensure to also read through threads on relevant subreddits to understand the appropriate language and tone. This is beneficial, especially when determining the right keywords. You can research and come up with the most relevant keywords using Google Keyword Planner.

The platform will help you search for high-volume keywords related to your goods or services. Once you have the right keywords, try fitting them on Reddit. Alternatively, platforms such as Keywordit are good for Reddit. They allow you to enter a subreddit and pick the applicable keywords.

Actively participate in conversations

Actively participating in conversations will allow you to leave better feedback and grow the relevance of your post and comments. You can write a sincere post which can, in turn, boost your reputation and will be considered trustworthy by others.

Once you have cemented your place as an active participant, getting traffic to your posts when you launch your products will not be a daunting task.

Conquer Reddit for SEO

Reddit is a great place for content marketers to interact with their target audience. Not only does it help build your credibility as an industry expert, but it also allows you to build a relationship with your target audience. Whenever you are stuck with Reddit or require customized in-house SEO services, Rising Ranks can help. We provide SEO services at the best rates. Our SEO measures come in a plan which precisely fits what you need to achieve your goals. Contact us today to get started on your journey of conquering online markets.

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